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29.01.2017 16:39

Recently we announced starting of cooperation between JDC office and Hillel Ekaterinburg. This year we discussed how this cooperation might be more productive and set the task that Hillel would take part in JCC Menora volunteer project “Volunteers League”. The first step in this direction was made. Together we have held the action on delivery of holiday presents by Hillel participants to JCC Menora clients for Rosh-ha-Shana. It is not a one-time action but rather a planned long-term work: holding Shabbats, delivering gifts for Hanukka, and joint communal events.

The peculiarity of our joint project is that volunteer project coordinator Dasha Kurinets does not work individually with each Hillel participant, the work is built on a group basis, meaning that Dasha has regular meetings (1-2 times a month) with Hillel activists where she presents a list of tasks for volunteers. Then the responsible people are appointed from Hillel, and Dasha just coordinates their work if necessary.

In our opinion, except direct social advantage for wards of the Menora, the project also includes an educational component for our students. Volunteers have not only acted as couriers, but also have found some time and attention for elderly people. They have communicated together; have told about their achievements, recited verses, played chess.